The Sheepskin Gloves


The Sheepskin Gloves

Sleek and thin. Glossy and tan.
But once you were white and wooly and warm.
On long black legs, full of life, you ran.

Young and spry, your chocolaty eyes so full of devotion,
Across the meadows and into the valley deep.
A playful bleat for every emotion.

But then you grew old.
You were no longer a lamb; no longer did you dance and jump.
And so came the day you were sold.

The day came for you to die.
Now you’re just a pair of sheepskin gloves.
I never even got to say goodbye.


Please note: I am in no way an animals right’s activist, but I thought up this poem one day and decided I would share it. Please understand that all animals have a purpose in life, whether that purpose is to be a pet for you or your child or if they are raised for meat, wool, milk, or leather. The truth of the matter is most livestock animals are not simply companions for us ranchers. Instead, they provide us with food and clothing. The Lord made humans stewards over the land and animals. We are to care for them and utilize them. And yes, that means that animals do get eaten. It may seem cruel to you to eat lamb chops or steaks, but that is the purpose of these animals.

A few years back some animal right’s activists decided that it was wrong for horses to be sent to slaughter houses and killed. So they put an end to it. No longer were horses shipped off to be butchered. But the animals right’s activists good intentions only hurt the horses more. Many states became overrun with unwanted horses. Owners could no longer afford to feed their animals, and there was no longer a market for them, so they abandoned them. Those abandoned horses were starving and they were suffering. To some, it may have been cruel to kill horses, but it was more humane than forcing slow, agonizing deaths on those the poor, hungry, outcast creatures.

This poem can evoke some strong emotions in you, the reader, but it is not my purpose to make anyone think that the practice of using animal hides for leather is cruel or inhumane. To any of you who are vegans and/or vegetarians or simply just animal lovers, I hope that I have not offended you in any way. Please know that this is just a poem brought forth from my imagination and it is not a true story.


5 thoughts on “The Sheepskin Gloves

  1. I’m not an animal rights activist either, but I totally understand that sometimes words just come to you and you have to let them out. Art is often controversial. That’s one of the things I love about it!

  2. Great poem Briana, and a brave powerful post opening an important debate. I’m vegetarian and not offended at all by your poem. I think the interaction between humans and animals is far more complex and multi-layered than animal rights activists would have us believe. My wish is only that everything is done with awareness of our interconnectedness with all life, and with compassion, and I agree with you, consciously slaughtering animals for food causes less suffering than leaving domesticated animals to fend for themselves and thereby starve. Enjoying your new blog! H xxx

    • Oh, Harula! Thank you so much! I am glad that you were not offended and that you agree with me! With this new blog, I’m trying very hard to express that while animals are important to us when alive, they are also a valuable food source (to us meat lovers! 🙂 ). I believe there is a difference in using animals the way they were intended to be used, and abusing them. I, personally, do not view eating animals cruel, just as long as they were killed in a humane way.
      Thank you again, my friend! ❤

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