Doc Kennedy’s Tips and Short Cuts

A very nice list of problems you may encounter with sheep and simple instructions on how to fix them.

Ask-a-Vet Sheep

1. Pneumonia-Nuflor and Draxxin simultaneously. You generally only have to treat them once.

2. Salmonella– Excede or Excenel injected. Neomycin orally.

3. Enterotoxemia and TetanusCDT 1cc and 1cc Penicillin Aqueous at processing, birth to 4 days. Use type CD at weaning eight weeks, repeat in two to three weeks. Why vaccinate ewes? Not necessary and not all that effective

4. Worried about scrapie?– Use RR Rams. QR Rams are ok if not retaining ewe lambs.

5. Pink EyeLA 200 or a generic substitute. Inject subq, individual eye treatment generally unrewarding. OK in very valuable animals.

6. Lice and Kids– use the approved permetherin pour-on. Ivomec is not all that effective.

7. Iodine– always use iodized salt. Sometimes that is not enough. Add 1# organic iodine to 50# iodized salt. Safety factor is 100 to 1. Our selenium/iodine premix will take…

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