Billy or Buck?

The term ‘Billy Goat’ has been the term used to identify a male goat for years and years, but now proper goat people are referring to the males as ‘Bucks’ instead. So which is the correct title? There is not really a straight answer to that question. It depends where you live, the people you hang out with, and the ‘goat circles’ you are in. The same goes for female goats. They used to be called ‘Nannies’ but now are known only as ‘Does’. And their kids (no, seriously! Baby goats are called kids!) are either bucklings (boys) or doelings (girls).

Where I live out here in the country, male goats are called billies. I’ve got two close friends who own goats, and both those educated ladies call their male goats Billy Goats. However, I was mingling with a crowd of registered goat owners for a few months, and they were very strict about referring to their males as ‘Bucks’ and they would jump to correct you if you let the word “billy” slip.

So, what do you think? Billy or Buck?


My little billy goat, ‘Olaf’! 🙂 (Anyone out there a fan of the movie ‘Frozen’?)


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