Mastitis is by far the most troublesome ailment that any of my livestock has ever had the misfortune of contracting, even pink-eye is no match to this stuff. I was routinely checking my does’ udders to see if anyone was getting close to birthing, when I noticed that my oldest doe, Cheesecake, had a problem. One side of her udder was hot to the touch and swollen. I knew what it was right away. Even though my doe hadn’t given birth yet and wasn’t in milk, she had mastitis.

Now, I had never dealt with this problem. I did know, however, that she had a fever and I needed to try milking her out. Her ‘milk’ was about the consistency of snotty, bloody yogurt, and i could tell that me just touching Cheesecake’s bag was incredibly painful for her. I got out as much of that ‘crud’ as I could, but she still had a lump in her udder the size of a gold ball.

I was at a loss. I didn’t know how to help my poor girl. I didn’t know anyone who had ever tried curing mastitis naturally. Everyone I spoke to said they always called the vet and had them take care of the problem with antibiotics. After a few days, I was almost to that point of desperation. And then I met Mrs. Tate. She raises some very fine registered Nigerian Dwarves and she had recently had a goat with mastitis that she had cured using natural remedies, which she suggested I try. I eagerly followed her advice and went to and ordered “HerBiotic Herb Mix” and “MammarEaze Salve”, both items that are intended to cure mastitis.

Upon their arrival, I began treating my doe with them immediately. I mixed about one teaspoon of the powdered HerBiotic miss with a few tablespoons of unsweetened apple juice and gave this orally to my doe once a day and I rubbed her affected teat with the salve. I did this for a week and that golf ball sized lump in her udder became softer and softer, until i was finally able to milk the final bit of ‘crud’ out of her. My doe was cured! And I was overjoyed!

These with definitely be products I keep on hand at all times just in case I ever have a case of mastitis in my herd again! Thank you, Fir Meadow llc. for making such great product, and thank you to Mrs. Tate for suggesting them!


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